Starting Out

Tarot & Oracle Card Reading 101 – Your first reading

It’s not just a case of peeling off the cellophane, shuffling your new deck and hey presto! There are a few routines and rituals that should be followed if you are truly to connect with the divine and messages that serve your highest good.

1.Cleanse your deck

What? Really! I can hear you saying, but nobody has touched them! Energy is energy and from factory to your doorstep your beloved oracle or tarot cards have absorbed a lot following these simple steps will have them ready to rock in no time. Sage is a great way to remove negativity so unwrap your deck and waft each card through the holy smoke to ensure any lingering vibes collected in transit are well and truly zapped. If you are a healer you can also hold the deck in your hands and fill the cards with white light which will add another layer of positivity to the pack. Another lovely way to cleanse your cards is to use a diffusion of sage, angelica, frankincense and lemon infusing your sacred space with sacred oils which will keep your cards pure and clear.

2.Create a sacred space

Creating a safe space in which to do your readings is a lovely ritual to follow. I like to light a candle, burn some incense or diffuse some essential oils to set the mood. To draw in the angels it is lovely to burn a bit of Palo Santo (holy wood) creating love and light in your reading space. This is all down to personal preference so create your own ritual, read up what other readers do and find what feels right for you. You have to have the vibes right.

3.Bless your deck

Any Oracle deck or tarot card creator worth their salt will have included a blessing ritual for you to do the first time you set out to use your cards. I really recommend the likes of Kyle Gray, Alana Fairchild and the beloved Diana Cooper for writers of beautiful card blessing prayers. My prayer is inspired by these great tarot and oracle card makers.

” I bless these cards to serve the highest good of all concerned on all levels and planes, on all times and dimensions. And so it is.”

It is best to keep it simple but go with what feels right for you and trust that your blessing will imbue your new cards with love and light for future readings.

4.Bless your reading and tuning into spirit

Now shuffle your deck until the cards feel right to you, spread them out in front of you in a fan shape or hold them complete in your hands again whichever method feels right for you. Close your eyes and take your focus within, breathe in and out settling and clearing your spirit if you know your spirit guides ask them to come close, place your hands over your deck and repeat this prayer; if you do not know your spirit guides as your guardian angel to step close and protect your energies as you open up to the divine and then repeat this prayer:

“Thank you dear divine beings for blessing these cards with your holiest light bringing through  messages of truth, integrity and love which serve the highest good of all on all levels and planes, on all times and dimensions. I humbly give this reading over to the universe trusting that love and healing light is leading the way. And so it is.”

Remember this is what works for me so if some of my words do not resonate with you change them and make it your own. It’s got to feel right.

5.Selecting your cards

If you are using a ready made card spread then using your intuition select the number of cards placing them face down in the desired layout. Turn the cards over one at a time and in your mind ask what this card is telling you in relation to its position. Avoid referring to the guidebook if you truly want to be a card reader – you need to use your intuition and trust it.

When I conduct a reading I am guided to how many cards I will need and what questions to ask building up the layout in response to the area I am working on for myself or in response to the person I am reading for. Every reading is different, no two spreads are the same. It is very rare to duplicate a spread and get the exact same messages. If you would like to try this for yourself, trust implicitly, ask your guides how many cards you need, ask your guides what questions to ask if you are open you will receive the guidance you are looking for. You can also specifically tailor the reading to ask specific questions and you do not need to be attuned to spirit to do this – you know your own heart and know what you most need guidance with – trust your instincts.

6.Closing your reading

Always close a reading with another blessing, thanking the angels and all who helped. Hold your hands over your deck and repeat:

“Thank you angels and anyone else who helped for bringing through messages of truth, integrity and love. I ask that any left over energy in these cards or in this space is sent somewhere in the universe where it is most needed. And so it is.”

Remember to ask spirit to step back and to shut your energies down top to bottom as you return to your everyday life.

7. Cleansing the space

If you are reading for another person wash your hands to break the energetic connection, chime tingsha bells to clear the space or waft some incense about to clear and cleanse. If it has been a deep reading burn some sage open all the windows and let spirit drift away on the breeze. Take a few grounding breaths. These are not hard and fast rules it is just what works for me.

Love and Light