Starting Out

Manifestation Magick

Trust your intuition

Trust your intuition in all matters, never more so than now as the new moon energies rises over this week drawing us to the most incredible manifestation portal of 2021 we are guided by the divine to step more fully into our spiritual selves. The alignments in the heavens make this such an auspicious time to ignite our passions and ground our manifestation magick.

I was talking to my dearest sister today about manifestation, she is a bit of a master in this area and guides in her teachings to build foundations to this sacred practice working towards the big vision one step at a time – one achievable action at a time.

It is the time to break free of the chains that have held you back from living the life of your dreams and realise that you are the architect and you are here to make your light work for you. Trust in what rises up from your heart-space in each moment and trust fully in that inner knowing that you are the navigator of your own life and you cannot get it wrong.

As you make your intentions under the light of this new moon in Aries allow the first step on your path to alight – feel into it, journal about it, allow your vision to take flight.

Let your intuition rule – free yourself from the chains of doubt and fear without forcing and you will find a space within where you can ignite your dreams and alchemise them into reality.

Shine your goddess light out into the world with truth, integrity and love and allow yourself to take flight.

Now is the time.

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