Starting Out

The Book of Truth

The Hallow Keys.

The Sacred Creation of the Source Atlantaen Bloodline.

The Holy Grail of all that is.

The Wisdom.

The Keys.

The Codes.

The Healing Rays.

The innate balance of the Cosmos.

In the early days of Atlantis their creation was everything, the heart of this community of light, a vast network of harmonic souls who had chosen to bring this wisdom to Earth, to aid the ascension of the planet and all her inhabitants.

Many ages passed and much beauty and light was birthed.

The Hallows at the centre of this glorious, golden age.

Jealousy began to rise in the ranks of light and a mass distortion took root, the idea of separation from the angelic realms and the source of all creation took flight.

The idea that we could play different roles and break free of our soul blueprint and our divine plan for each lifetime was birthed.

Patriarchy was born from the annals of discontent, a need to control the flow of all things.

The grand assembly was formed and a hierarchy of elders put in place, a sort of democracy was aligned so the people of Atlantis could vote in each representative of light so to speak.

The Hallow weavers and watchers didn’t really understand what was happening to their golden community.

Healer became set against healer, to be more talented in their abilities, to harness and manipulate the light.

Competition codes were birthed and striving to be better became part of their consciousness.

The light became corrupted, control of the light and it’s weavers a priority and Atlantis began to fall.

In these moments the divine light of Thoth took action, as a watcher and documenter of the path, he foresaw the fall. The vast Akasha of time and the sacred library that had been built since the beginning of existence was at risk of violation so he acted upon his intuition, hiding the knowledge from himself and the council of elders.

In the last moments of Atlantis he was dragged before the assembly and accused of working against their cause. As his memories were drawn out there was nothing to prove he had acted against them so they turned up the pulse, erased his memories and planted new ones in their place.

There was nothing he could do in that moment, he simply disassociated and passed away there and then.

This caused mass panic amongst the council, they could not be seen to have murdered the Oracle of Atlantis so they created a story – that Thoth had escaped, taking the Hallows with him.

This created a soul stain and a stigma connected to his name.

A great injustice had been committed where in truth the council of Elders had stolen the sacred Hallows for themselves, convincing the Atlantaens who remained of Thoth’s wrongdoing.

This perpetuated through time and space, tarnishing the name of the very person who stood as guardian to the sacred wisdom of Atlantis. He, who was willing to die to protect its purity, truth and light,knowing that his actions served a greater plan.

And so we stand at the edge of the next golden age.

What have we learnt from the mistakes and wrongdoings of the past?

Do the fake grail-keepers recognise their folly and understand the chaos they unfurled as a result of their thirst for power and control?

This matters not, as it was meant to be so, so we might learn from the false light of striving, controlling and conquering of the light.

As the Hallow Keys are restored to their true keepers, the Grail and its truths are resurrected in the teachings being birthed in the world.

The very architecture of our planet is being infused with the truth of source, all illusion of past lies and deceptions wiped away in the flames of truth.

Balance is restored to the Etheric template of Gaia.

And those who have been tarnished by the untruths of the past are exonerated as the light of source takes hold and clears away all illusion, that in truth has kept us small, separated and unseen.

Soul truths reset to their highest form, the clearest resonance of their soul blue prints.

And we are all offered another opportunity to create a world community of light, purity and harmony.

Will you take this gift?