• Starting Out

    The Book of Truth

    The Hallow Keys. The Sacred Creation of the Source Atlantaen Bloodline. The Holy Grail of all that is. The Wisdom. The Keys. The Codes. The Healing Rays. The innate balance of the Cosmos. In the early days of Atlantis their creation was everything, the heart of this community of light, a vast network of harmonic souls who had chosen to bring this wisdom to Earth, to aid the ascension of the planet and all her inhabitants. Many ages passed and much beauty and light was birthed. The Hallows at the centre of this glorious, golden age. Jealousy began to rise in the ranks of light and a mass distortion took…

  • Starting Out

    Manifestation Magick

    Trust your intuition Trust your intuition in all matters, never more so than now as the new moon energies rises over this week drawing us to the most incredible manifestation portal of 2021 we are guided by the divine to step more fully into our spiritual selves. The alignments in the heavens make this such an auspicious time to ignite our passions and ground our manifestation magick. I was talking to my dearest sister today about manifestation, she is a bit of a master in this area and guides in her teachings to build foundations to this sacred practice working towards the big vision one step at a time –…

  • Starting Out

    Tarot & Oracle Card Reading 101 – Your first reading

    It’s not just a case of peeling off the cellophane, shuffling your new deck and hey presto! There are a few routines and rituals that should be followed if you are truly to connect with the divine and messages that serve your highest good. 1.Cleanse your deck What? Really! I can hear you saying, but nobody has touched them! Energy is energy and from factory to your doorstep your beloved oracle or tarot cards have absorbed a lot following these simple steps will have them ready to rock in no time. Sage is a great way to remove negativity so unwrap your deck and waft each card through the holy…

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