Intuitive Energy Healing

This multi-dimensional healing modality works on the many layers of the energetic body drawing in deep healing to the mind, body and soul. Each session comprises of bespoke healing transmitted distantly or as an in person hands-on healing.

What is involved during a session?

As we flow into the session we will work to soften and release your worries, soothing and settling your earthly vessel into sacred space created to hold you. This is a welcoming in of the energies, the honouring of all that is flows forth for you.

As the physical body surrenders, we step into the clearing part of the session where I use sound activation, healing symbols, light language channelled from your higher self and plant medicine to enable gentle release of what is holding you back in the moment.

We then move into the reactivating and reclaiming portion of the healing where the lost or hidden layers of your soul being are drawn back. As the energy settles deep layers of unconditional love flow in to fill the space created bringing balance through the healing rays of the divine mother before you are gently drawn out.

Energetic Exchange:

£44.44 for one hour of intuitive energy healing session either distantly or in person

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