Soul Mentoring

Want to peel back the layers? Have a deep knowing that you have been here before? Have a niggling curiosity to know what came before this lifetime? Then perhaps an intuitive soul mentoring session is for you. Come with us on a journey to your soul’s core and reveal what you most need to know to move forward in your life. Release and restore your emotional field by accepting and letting go of the past in turn healing deep within your psyche.

We offer bespoke sessions to help anyone who feels like they keep getting stuck and are looking for a more positive way forward. We can offer insights and guidance which will help you make true changes in your life. Insights into why you keep repeating the same old behaviours, why you find it hard to let things go and never move on, why you are looking for answers but never truly listening when they are presented to you.

We offer guidance into where to focus your energies, how to release old patterns which are holding you back and clarity on where to go next. If you want to release and transform and are willing to put in the work on yourself then we are the intuitives for you. Uncover the pathway to yourself and never look back again.

What to expect during a soul mentoring session?

A soul mentoring session is personal and unique for each one of you, each session is a guided journey into the heart of your being where you either work 1:1 with either Helen or I  or you can book a combo soul session where we will combine our soul gifts to bring an added layer of healing to your being.

During your session we call forth the beings that love you unconditionally, drawing them in to hold you. As you unpick was is needed to move forward you will begin to uncover what has been blocking you in your soul growth. We will empower you to heal this and release through a combination of invocation, light language and sound healing.

As we journey deeper, we will hold you every step of the way as you begin to remember your deepest light and allow a healing to unfold on every level of your subtle body. As you surrender further to the divine within you, you will feel a reconnection to your soul and a deep remembrance of who you came here to be.

Through a combination of channelled guidance from your spiritual team, guided self healing, light activations or attunements and a reconnection to all that came before you, we will guide you into the here and now bringing back the true resonance of your soul and aligning you with your divine essence once more.

What is the energetic exchange for a soul mentoring session?

1 hour 1:1 session £55.55

1 hour combo session £88.88

2 hour 1:1 session £77.77

2 hour combo session £111.11

Soul Mentoring Healing Bundle – 12 months for the price of 10 £440 get two sessions free. Payment plan available – click here.

Soul sessions can be held via Zoom either live or pre-recorded.

To book your session with us please contact us directly by clicking here

We await you on the inner planes.

Deepest Blessings

Helen and Rachael