The Cosmic Light Oracle

The Oracle is born

On a sacred pilgrimage to Glastonbury in July 2019, I set off at sunrise to visit The Tor. As I sat myself down facing true North gazing towards Avebury Stone Circle, it is here that the magic began. The soft energy of the blue angel graced me with his presence bringing forth the most incredible gift – The Cosmic Light Oracle.

Thankfully, I was well prepared for this divine download and I quickly grabbed my beloved journal from my bag. Dear Michael guided me to face each cardinal direction and as I did words flowed from deep within me, my pencil bringing forth this energy into the physical realm. In that moment, The Cosmic Oracle was born and I was forever changed.

As Glastonbury became a distant, blissful dream the energy was held strong within my soul. Beautiful artwork started to come through to pair with the sacred text. These illustrations are still emerging, flowing from my paintbrush, pencil, pen whatever I have to hand when the wave of energies draw in.

I feel truly blessed to be a conduit of these sacred offerings and hope to deliver my first draft to you in late 2020. Be sure to look out for this magical project!

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