Stellar Healing

The Birth of Stellar Healing

Stellar Healing was birthed in 2018 one evening when Archangel Michael stepped in with dear Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus. Many sacred symbols flew into my consciousness attuning my light body as a self initiated conduit for the sacred healing modality. Over the following days the same process repeated until I had a guide book in rough form to work from. This was the start of my journey as a healer and initiate of the light.

What is Stellar Healing?

Stellar Healing is a sacred healing modality birthed in the temple of light, a gift to humanity from the soul of Orion’s Belt, Sirius, Vega and the Pleiades, a diamond alliance, the gateway to the vast cosmos of intergalactic light workers, as a gift to mankind in preparation for the age of Aquarius. It is a reminder to us all of our healing capacity across all that is. This healing system is a sacred aspect of the Priestess of Light Mystery School as the 4th Pillar of their sacred teachings it is a catalyst for the language of the stars to be heard once more through attunement, sound and song.

This sacred healing is born of light, grounded into the heart of Mother Earth and connected to the star nations drawing forth the next level of self healing for humanity.

A gift.

A holy treasure from the celestial realms.

This healing works on a soul level clearing and releasing any darkness and heaviness absorbed in your everyday life. It also works on a cellular level cleansing and purifying deep into the DNA tissue reactivating the 12 strands of DNA. It possesses a purity that can be likened to clear, iridescent quartz crystal and offers many depths of healing to the mind, body and spirit.

What to expect in a session?

Each session lasts for 1 hour to 2 hours beginning with the balancing and opening of your light body. This will draw all layers of your being back into wholeness, bringing stillness and calm to your centre. You may experience flashes of light, warming and cooling sensations in the body or other visions flashing within your inner sight. This is all normal and nothing to worry about.

As your light body is realigned sacred sound will begin to come forth, this will be wholly intuitive so it may be a combination of hypnotic toning, light language transmissions or crystalline sound. Rainsticks, Koshi chimes, Tibetan singing bowls may also be used dependent on what comes in. You will be encapsulated in sound filled with its divine medicine. You may fall into a deep sleep or go on a journey, whatever happens is right for you.

As the session draws to a close you will be grounded deep within your physical vessel through sacred symbols and plant medicine. We will draw from our cabinet of essential oils, sacred smudge and incense depending on what is aligned for you.

As you are drawn out gently there will be time for soulful discussion and sharing if you wish. We may be drawn to pull cards or share any messages that came forth or share a summary of what medicine was delivered by the divine to you.

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