Past Life Readings

Have you ever wondered where you stepped before this lifetime? Do you ever have a weird inkling that you have been somewhere before? Do you have a particular fascination with a period in history or the myths and legends of the past? All these are signs of where you have trod throughout your soul history.

There are many ways to dive into past life work, through regression therapy, to waking dreamwork but my favourite way is through drawing on Akashic information and your magical imprint in the Halls of Amenti. For each person this will be unique dependent on where you are on your path in this lifetime. It might be that you are stuck in repeating patterns, reliving the same mistakes over and over – a strong indicator that your Akashic records are calling to you. It might be that you keep seeing repeating number sequences, a certain spirit animal is presenting to you or your dreams are spilling over into your waking hours this is a sign you are ready to reclaim your gifts and abilities in the Halls of Amenti.

Everyone of us has Akashic records, a vast account of every lifetime we have lived and every breath we have taken, much of what resides in this library serves to aid us in clearing stuck patterns, recalling lost parts of ourselves and aiding us to ascend further into our heart-space. We are sitting in the 3d realms when we work with our Akashic information, we are unlearning behaviours that are holding us back and have held us back in the past. When we dive into our past lives we make a commitment to our higher self to unpick all the ties that bind us, all the wounds that have scarred us and find a way back to greater resonance within ourselves.

This is when the Halls of Amenti begin to call to us, to align us with our lost truths, to aid us in remembering our highest purpose and the skills we came here to share with the world. This is a magical transition point for the soul on it’s journey, an invitation to see ourselves as divine beings in our own right and begin to love and honour ourselves once again. Deep belief is required as you enter this most sacred of realms, a pure heart and pure intentions to be the best you can be and make tangible changes to your waking life.

If any or all of this resonates with you and your interest is piqued I am offering past lives card readings through my IG account or via email.

1 card reading £11.11

3 card reading £22.22

Full past life soul session £44.44

1:1 past life session via Zoom £55.55

I use a variety of tarot, oracle and channelled messages to bring through higher guidance for you and record your message via email, voice-note or mp4 audio. To book one of my offerings please click on the link to navigate to my Paypal account, remember to pop you IG name or email address in the information section before you pay then message me directly via IG or my email address to let me know you have booked. I look forward to working with you.