Solar Radiance

Solar Radiance is birthed from a vast lineage of Solar gods and goddesses, beings who know that the seat of our personal power lies within the temples of the Solar Plexus. Beings who know that for spiritual evolution to rise to the next level here on earth, human beings need to be tapped into this centre fully, connected to the source of their soul lineage through this immense psychic pump. 

Through this knowing a new golden healing modality was birthed, drawing through the earthly conduit who birthed it in Atlantean times. Through the Temple of the Sun which lays dormant within the Holy Isle these teachings will be reignited for this next golden age so all beings have the choice to choose this form of soul empowerment for themselves.

Join me on a journey through the sacred solar temples where you will reconnect to your unique soul empowerment codes, clearing past ancestral blocks within this centre and step back into soul truth and soul resonance – unapologetically you.

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